Extra Jets / D-Roto-Jets
Our Extra Jets nozzles are hydro-dynamically optimized and made of surface hardened or stainless steel. 

They have large water supply channels to prevent pressure losses. The specially designed nozzle openings create an ideal precision water jet. If steel inserts cannot be fitted because of the nozzle size, our nozzles are hardened in special processes.

Your advantages:
- Enormous savings in fuel consumption, water and time
- Hydro-dynamically optimized high-performance nozzles
- Powerfully formed water jet
- No unwanted / unnecessary pressure loss
- Precise pressure at the same litre capacity. Verified and documented!
2 versions of jet inserts available:

ExL Extra Life ceramic inserts

the choice for recycled water and/or very long service life
- Ceramic lining with stainless steel housing
- Extremely durable, 2 or 5 years warranty*
- for dirty, aggressive water
- extremely durable, perfect for heavy, surface hardened long life nozzles

ExP Extra Prime steel inserts

the choice for clean water, same performance as ExL at lower cost
- Stainless steel full body
- Consistent beam pattern
- for clean water
- durable, perfect for stainless steel or D-rotor-Jets nozzles with wearing bodies