Kanaldüsen ExtraPrimeJets ExP (small)

The average small nozzles feed the water in narrow channels to the exit point generating high water speeds and wasting a lot of energy doing so. ExtraPrimeJets ExPJ™ are high performance nozzles with large feeding channels  and "prime" metallic orifices. The hydro-mechanical design is optimized for high cleaning power. Quality craftsmanship and top materials are used  to make it the leading performance nozzle at a very competitive price.

How to select the right nozzle size?

1. calculate pressure drop to the end of the nozzle (hose chart)

2. deduct loss from maximum available pump pressure

3. find this pressure on the chart and make a vertical line

4. find the flow in liters per minute and make a vertical line

5. find the crossing of the two lines

6. the crossing point is between two diagram lines the nozzle size is either with the article number or with the liters at 100 bars printed to the right.